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Garage Doors Store Repairs Tacoma, WA 253-656-5126Owning a home or commercial property means that you have to make many decisions about its upkeep and appearance. Our company knows that you must weigh several factors before you go ahead with the decision to get a new garage door. Garage Doors Store Repairs can help you go through your options to narrow down a list of possibilities. Once you have chosen a new door, we will schedule an appointment to do some preliminary work and then another appointment for the installation process.

How Installation Works 

Planning is a big part of getting a new garage door. Our experts will sit down with you to determine a budget and answer all of your installation questions. Before we can start working, we need to take measurements of the garage door that you have now. This allows us to order a new garage door in the same dimensions. We also provide you with a detailed written estimate that breaks down individual costs for the door itself, miscellaneous parts and ad-ons, and labor. Our details furnished are 100% transparent and no extra fee will be charged by us like other service providers in Tacoma, WA.