About Garage Doors Store Repairs - Emergency Garage Door Cable Repair  Tacoma, WA


The Garage Doors Store Repairs Code of Excellence 

Our products and services represent the finest that you will find in the garage door repair and installation industry. You would also be hard pressed to find technicians who enjoy their job and appreciate customers as much as ours do. From the first day of employment, we stress the importance of doing whatever it takes to satisfy the customer. We are grateful that our employees have taken it to heart. No matter if your request is urgent or routine, large or small, we’re here for you at the exact moment you need us.

Garage Doors Store Repairs Tacoma, WA 253-656-5126At our company, we feel that keeping the lines of communication open is the best way to ensure that you are thrilled with our work. Please speak up if something doesn’t seem right or you just need a more detailed explanation. We are always happy to answer your questions. They are never an interruption of our work because without you our company wouldn’t exist in the first place.

Because of our advanced education and years of experience, we are able to finish your repair or installation work in record time. Customers comment on our speediness all the time. However, no one has ever said we work so fast that we make several mistakes. That kind of work ethic would just never fly at Garage Doors Store Repairs. We vow to complete the work right the first time. If for some reason you don’t feel this happened, we will return to your location and keep working until you are fully satisfied with the result. There is no additional cost to you.

Whether or not your garage door is the primary entrance point to your home or commercial property, you need it to be secure. A lack of garage door security leaves you open to the threat of theft as well as damage from fire, vandalism, and weather conditions. At each routine inspection, we make sure all garage door parts are in good working order so nobody’s safety is compromised. If you need urgent garage door repair, depend on the experts at Garage Doors Store Repairs and avoid the temptation to do it yourself. This could result in serious injury or property damage.

Skills You Can Count On 

Regardless of the specific work we perform for you, we follow rigorous industry standards to ensure high quality. Our journeymen use their tools, skills, and experience to your advantage. Just like thousands of area residents before you have done, you can rely on Garage Doors Store Repairs for quality repairs, installation, or routine inspections of your garage door. We continue to earn high marks in all of these areas in Tacoma, WA as an industry leader.

A stuck garage door due to a faulty lifting mechanism is one of the most common reasons people contact us for emergency garage door repair services. This is just one of potentially dozens of reasons you might need someone to fix your garage door right away. When you can’t park your car because you are unable to access your garage, you don’t want to wait hours for a garage door service company to open. You never have to wait when you choose Garage Doors Store Repairs as your professional garage door servicing company.

We carry numerous extra parts in our fleet of service vehicles so we can be prepared for anything. This enables us to complete the majority of our work in a single appointment. When we are unable to do this, we discuss all possible options with you before proceeding further. We want you to feel comfortable and to understand exactly what we are doing. In this industry, surprises aren’t a good thing